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Palmetto Health provides Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance from Cigna, Inc., equal to your annual base pay at no cost to you. You can also purchase additional life insurance as well as dependent life insurance. 

Should I purchase additional group Life insurance available through Palmetto Health?

You should first determine how much insurance you need. Then subtract from that what you already have to calculate your life insurance needs. After you determine the amount, shop around for the best price. You might find that Palmetto Health’s Voluntary Life plan is competitively priced and convenient, because our plan is based on a group rate and you pay for coverage through after-tax payroll deductions.  

Voluntary Life

You can purchase voluntary life insurance in the amount of one to eight times your annual earnings up to specific dollar limits and subject to satisfying any Evidence of Insurability requirements. The cost is based on your age and the amount of your insurance. The following is an overview only. You should refer to your Summary Plan Description for the specific provisions applicable to these benefits. You can access the Summary Plan Descriptions of the benefit plans at under Resources & Forms.

Calculating your voluntary term life cost (post-tax) per pay period:


Monthly rate per $1,000

Example: Team member age 47 with an annual base pay of $21,300 purchases an additional 2x earnings of voluntary life insurance. Below is how to calculate the bi-weekly premium.

1) 21,300 rounded up to 22,000 x 2 (for additional 2 times) = $44,000
2) 44,000 ⁄ 1,000 = 44 units
3) 44 units x 244 = $10.736 per month
4) $10.736 x 12 months = $128.832
5) $128.832 ÷ 26 pay periods = $4.96 per pay period

< 29


30 – 34


35 – 44


45 – 49


50 – 54


55 – 59


60 – 64


65 – 74




Evidence of Insurability

If you apply for voluntary life insurance after your initial eligibility period, you must provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI) satisfactory to the insurance company. However, special rules apply during Open Enrollment for the 2017 benefit plan year. Contact Trion at 803-296-8893 for EOI instructions.

Voluntary Dependent Life

You also can obtain life insurance coverage for your spouse and/or children. If you and your spouse are employed by Palmetto Health, you can cover each other as a dependent. Only one of you can cover your dependent child(ren). The level of coverage is:

  • Dependent children through age 19 or age 23 if attending school full-time – $10,000 or 50% of your Basic and Employee Optional Life combined
  • Spouse – 50% of your Basic and Employee Optional Life combined, up to $25,000.

Voluntary Dependent Life (Post-Tax)

Cost per pay period

Spouse and/or Child(ren)


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