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Take paid time off for bereavement

Full-time and part-time Palmetto Health and Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group team members can take up to three working days/shifts off for each family bereavement event.

Family members include spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, sibling, grandparents, in-laws and step- relatives.

Bereavement Policy:

All full and part time team members (see Employment Status PGR), regardless of length of employment, are eligible to receive up to 3 working days/shifts of paid Bereavement Leave for the following family member(s)/dependents:

  • Spouse: a husband, a wife or a verified domestic partner
  • Parent: a biological, adoptive, or step parent, or legal guardian
  • Child: a son or daughter is:
    • a biological child
    • a step child
    • a child of a verified domestic parent or
    • a legal dependent
  • Sibling: a biological, adoptive or step sister or brother
  • Grand-relationships: biological, adoptive, step grandparents, grandchildren
  • In-law relationships: parent, son, or daughter-in-law defined as a relative by marriage or verified domestic partnership.

Team members must notify their manager within seven (7) calendar days of the loss of the family member to qualify for leave.

A team member requesting time off due to the death of someone not specified in this policy may be granted Paid Time Off (PTO). If a team member does not have available PTO, unpaid time off may be granted by their leader.

Evidence to authenticate the death and relationship of the deceased may be required.

The manager will record the paid bereavement hours under the ”Bereavement” earnings code on the team member’s time record.

Bereavement Leave will not be counted as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime.


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